About the company

Trade Name:   TRESTLES, a. s.
Company Domicile:    No. 1168, 735 71 Detmarovice
  • No. 1168, 735 71 Detmarovice
Legal Form::   Joint-stock company
Date of Foundation:   15.12.2017
Subject of Enterprise:  
  • metal products manufacturing
  • intermediary activity
  • goods purchase in order to resale it and sale
Registration No.:   06673465
VAT No:   CZ06673465
Register:   Regional Court Ostrava, division B, enclosure 11262
Numer of Employees:   340

The company was founded by individuals on 24th of November 1994 as limited company, which was transformed to joint-stock company on 20th of November 1995. The company began its activity with 6 type of products and gradually made its range wider, at present the company produces more than 300 types of products – more in section: PRODUCTS.

The company not only provides complete sales of its products, but also the development of manufacturing and new technologies. Sales Department provides sales of complete production and simultaneously ensures also marketing, what reduces the dependence of the company on the local vendors. Main customers are countries of European Union. The company has their own representatives in France, Austria and Poland. In the next year we expect to expand exports to Sweden, Israel, Russia, Canada and the USA.


The company’s products are both cost and quality competitive. The company focuses on direct customers (chains of stores), or on the brokerage firms.

The company is ready to respond to any impulse from the side of customers and by own efforts to develop and produce a new product that would satisfy their demand. To this are high level technical-technological facilities needed, which is a valuable asset of the company.

Main activities of Trestles, a.s. are:

  • Production of Shelving, handling equipment, building trestles, transport trucks and other specific metal products.
  • Further also: steel production, longitudinal cutting of coils, rolling, own production of welded tubes and profiles, tube bending, powder coating.

Longitudinal Cutting of Coils

We cut and consequently sell cold and hot rolled strips.

ofirme1.jpg Size of the cutted coil:

  • max. width 1 000m,
  • min. thickness 0,5mm,
  • max. thickness 2mm, ,
  • max. weight of the coil 7500kg,
  • Inner diameter of the coil 550-650 mm.

We cut the coil to strips from 16 mm.
Inner diameter of the cut strip is 500 mm.
We cut our material or material supplied by a customer.

Powder Coating

We offer free capacities on our powder coating line. Powder is distributed by turbo system. We are powder coating in colours according our customers’ wish.

Powder coating line clearance is:

3200 x 2100 x 600mm


Contact person:

Mr. Daniel Holubek

GSM: 602 586 881