Our company is engaged in the manufacture of building trestles since 1995.

We are producing trestles with loading capacity from 100 kg up to 1 ton, with a fixed sizes or with adjustable height and width of the trestle.

Trestles are powder coated.

Packaging – approximately 30 pc per pallet, according the type.








Trestles TA01

Loading capacity: 100kg or 175kg, foldable legs
Width: 62cm

Trestles TA01 - Trestles

Trestles T3P

Loading capacity: 100kg or 175kg
Adjustable height: 65,5 – 92,5cm
Width: 78cm

Trestles T3P - Trestles

Trestles T4P

Loading capacity: 100kg or 175kg
Adjustable height: 63 – 93cm
Adjustable width: 74 - 101cm

Trestles T4P - Trestles

Trestles T5P

Loading capacity: 500kg
Adjustable height: 98 – 140cm
Width: 110cm

Trestles T5P - Trestles

Profi trestles PMB

Loading capacity: 1000kg
Adjustable height: 125 – 195cm
Width: 119cm

Profi trestles PMB - Trestles